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About us

URA Rating Agentur was founded by auditors; and it is mainly auditors who perform the tasks of rating analysts. The independence and competence of URA Rating Agentur have characterized since 1999 the development of rating services for small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany. URA can resort to most modern analysis and rating tools through its cooperation with DATEV e.V., whose data interfaces facilitate and speed up the confidential data interchange.

URA RATING AGENTUR regards itself as a direct provider of service. Its service consists primarily of assessments of the creditworthiness of the respective enterprises. In addition, it provides holistic analyses of the enterprise in view of an assessment of the current situation and the safeguarding of the future of the enterprise. The documentation of the rating results leads to a rating mark based on the international rating nomenclature.

Strengths of the URA ratings

1. Our ratings are performed by auditors whose qualification, along with standardized processes, guarantees a high quality level.
2. Industry ratings and benchmarking are performed by experienced lead analysts with extensive branch know-how.
3. Our cooperation of many years with Datev provides the basis of our technological competence in the IT support of rating processes.
4. URA encourages the development of the European rating standard in different national and international levels.

URA RATING AGENTUR, located in Munich, is an independent rating agency for small and medium-sized enterprises and was founded in 1998. Its professional expertise is based on its team of analysts and experts. Auditors, tax advisers and management consultants with long-term SME experience are cooperating under the URA umbrella.

URA representatives are present in all important economic centres in Germany, as well as in Switzerland and Austria. These representatives support the URA Management in its marketing activities and keep contact with the regional economic institutions.

The URA Rating committee determines the rating value on the basis of the rating report. This committee consists of the URA lead analyst, the report reviewer and a senior entrepreneur.

ISO Standard 10674

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed standards to be applied by rating agencies to the evaluation of the creditworthiness of enterprises. Thereby, the enterprises are given confidence with respect to the quality and importance of the rating. As participant in the national ISO committee, URA Rating Agentur takes part in the DIN (Deutsches Institut f├╝r Normung, Berlin) and has thus contributed to the development of these world-wide standards. URA Rating Agentur is the first rating agency in Germany to have implemented this standard.

The ISO Standard 10674 has been developed for rating and scoring systems. Credit assessment has to be reliable and transparent. To fulfill the Standard, extensive demands must be met by the rating agency. Important features are: ensuring objectiveness in the evaluation, measurement of the predictive quality, rating methodology as well as maintenance of the systems and the underlying information and evaluation models. The rating agency has to use transparent methods of analysis so that outsiders can recognize how an evaluation is performed. By implementing the ISO Standard, URA Rating Agentur ensures the reliability of its creditworthiness assessments.






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