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TOP MidCap Bonds

TOP MidCap Bonds

The list of top SME bonds is a list of the emissions judged by URA Rating Agentur to be the most attractive (with scores of 6MfmA3ZbVvqAEU05AAAAAElFTkSuQmCCup to Sym9s3UNzNBsodwAAAABJRU5ErkJggg   ) . "TOP MidCapBonds" only include emissions which have been published in the SME bonds overview in BOND MAGAZINE. We can provide prospective buyers with short analysis of each of the listed bonds as a PDF email attachment.

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TOP MidCapBonds



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 5%20haken(1) excellent, 4 haken.png(2) very good, 3 haken.png(3) good, 2 haken.png(4) satisfactory,1%20Haken(5) sufficient, (6) insufficient. 

Evaluation criteria of the URA Emission checks : EBIT / Interest (before and after bond issue), Net Debt /EBITDA, URA balance rating, posted issuer rating ( eg Creditreform ), bond conditions , liability properties , transparency.






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