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More than 40.000 medium-sized and large joint-stock companies, limited liability companies and limited commercial partnerships have published their annual financial statements with notes in the electronic Federal Gazette. We have facilitated the analysis of this data so that you can check the financial situation of your customers, suppliers, or competitors. Using the tried and trusted balance sheet technology of the URA Rating Factory, we can provide you with the URA Solvency Check, a balance sheet rating calculated on the basis of balance sheet data, the profit and loss account and notes, including a determination of the probability of default and classification on the IFD Master Rating Scale. In addition, we provide URA sector benchmarking, indicating the ranking of the company being analysed compared with the 10 deciles of the sector peer group, the latter having differing creditworthiness levels. This rating service involves Scoring in the sense of Article 2 Para 2b EU-VO No. 1060/2009 dated 16 September 2009.
You have the option of ordering this balance sheet evaluation with/without sector benchmarking. You do not have to take out a subscription with a set-up fee and minimum yearly order. Within 24 hours you will be sent the balance sheet analyses ordered by email as a PDF file. Payment can be made conveniently by credit card or PayPal.


Check it out for yourself. Order two evaluations today from companies in our sector peer groups with sector benchmarking. These first two test evaluations will be provided to you free of charge with no further obligation on your part.
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Top Sector Companies
The URA Rating Agency AG analyses the top sector companies in Germany.
The URA Rating Factory evaluates the balance sheets from top companies in the sectors: food production, beverage production, paper, cardboard and derived products, printed materials, rubber and synthetic products, metal products, electronic goods, electrical equipment, engineering, cars and car parts. The result is the URA Solvency Check with a 16-page analysis report.
B2B Rating Method
A one-year probability of default (12-18 months from the balance sheet date) is calculated solely on the basis of the annual financial statement data (balance sheet, profit and loss account, notes) from at least two years.  The assessment represents URA Rating Agency AG’s estimation of the viability of the company under scrutiny.
The URA Rating Agency uses the balance sheet rating method developed in conjunction with Datev eG Nuremberg. A one-year probability of default is calculated using mathematical statistical procedures and logistical regression, with five parameters relevant to the rating as a basis. Information on the probability of default (PD) is given for % of all German companies. This is a Scoring system in the sense of the EU Regulation on Credit Rating Agencies.







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